Backup Nexus

Frequently Asked Questions

How much backup space do I get for free?
If you sign up for the preview program, you will get 20 GB of free backup space. You also get to keep the 20 GB after the preview program has ended.
What is the maximum size of file that can be backed up?
Currently, you can back up individual file with size up to 1.9 GB each.
Does Backup Nexus install spyware, adware, or sell my personal information?
No. While Backup Nexus is completely free, it is not supported by advertising and we do not bundle our service with advertisement or spying software.
What is the preview program? Is it like a beta program?

Backup Nexus has been in development for more than three years and the core program functionalities are very stable. However, we have not decided how to package the features or price the service, so we are organizing a preview program to gather information on future direction.

During the preview program, we fully support Backup Nexus and you can enjoy all the features of Backup Nexus. Once the preview program ends, some advanced features may be made available under paid premium offering.

When will the preview program end?
We have not decided on an end date.
When the preview program ends, will I have to pay?
No. We may develop a paid premium edition that has more advanced features, but we are committed to provide a base level of backup service for free, after the preview program. In addition, as a token of our appreciation, if you sign up as a preview user now, you will receive 6 months of our most premium service for free.
How can Backup Nexus be free, when other backup services either charge a monthly fee or has free account that give only 1 or 2 GB of backup space?
We can provide backup service with 20 GB space for free, because we have built the service using a unique distributed architecture comprising of unused disk space from all of our users.
If I backup my files on other Backup Nexus users' computers, will they be able to see my files?
No. We have designed Backup Nexus with multiple redundant layers of encryption, to ensure that while many users will backup your file, no one can see the names or content of your files.
Will other Backup Nexus users be able to infect my computer by storing viruses on my computer?
No. The same multiple layers of encryption that protects your files from other Backup Nexus users also protects you from any virus or malware infecting your computer. The encryptions neutralizes any virus code, so that even if someone attempts to store a virus on your computer, the virus is neutralized completely.
If you have any question not answered here, feel free to email us.

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